Hello world, today is the day I officially launch this blog

Launch Day

I’ve decided to setup a blog to help teach myself and others about computer security. Now, I’m not promising competent pieces of work, nor am I promising anything ground breaking, What I am promising is some-what witty jokes, informative tutorials and maybe a bit about my story within the infosec world.


Quick fire questions

What made you start the blog?

Good question, I wanted to document what I’ve been learning as well as provide a resource for others to use and learn from

When will you be posting?

I plan to make it a weekly schedule, releasing a new post on Monday at 09:00 GMT

Is your blog subject to change

Yes, I’m just starting out with this style of blog so I’ll be refining it as I go, whether it’s writing style, aesthetics or which ever I believe to be a good choice at the time, I always welcome positive feedback.

What’s special about this blog?

Absolutely nothing, I’m not afraid to admit that, but I will try to keep things entertaining and interesting.


Anyway I won’t keep you busy for too long,


Zetascrub offline.