With Watch_Dogs 3 in development and I really enjoyed both Watch_Dogs 1 and 2, I decided to write a fun guide on how you can become one of the infamous DedSec members!


Become a Watch_Dog


So you want to be a character from Watch_Dogs with, well I can’t tell you how to become Aiden with the ultimate hacking phone, however you can certainly learn more about computer security and deck out your phone with some tools.


Sorry guys, Android only. Dedsec doesn’t approve of iOS, go figure?


Getting the look

First thing first, you’d want to get the look of a hacker on your phone, well luckily there’s a couple tools you can use, these will quickly get your phone ready to impress others with your hacking skills… or at least make you appear skilled.


UCCW & Future ctOS – UCCW

These two will quickly turn your phone into looking like the infamous Watch_Dogs, however don’t expect it to start controlling street lights and moving cars, these are purely for aesthetics.

UCCW ctOS Skin

Simply follow the tutorials on Future ctOS in order to properly adjust the skins.


Hacking Tools

I know what you’re thinking, “Hacking with my phone?” Yes, believe it or not you can, just don’t expect to become a 1337 haxor.




Zanti is a tool which you can run penetration tests with your phone, you can’t hack WiFi, however if you gain access through another method, such as asking for the Wi-Fi key, you can run MiTM (Man in The Middle) attacks.




A Man in The Middle attack is how it sounds, you have two devices, for example a Laptop and a Router, the connection between the two is across wireless which is susceptible to packet poisoning. The result of this is, the packets between the devices will be changed. You can cause their traffic to forward through your device and record any insecure sessions / passwords / data input. You can also cause the images on respective websites to change to what you desire.


There’s a bunch of tricks you can do so why not give it a try!



Nethunter on Nexus

Have you heard of Kali Linux? Imagine that but on your phone


If so, imagine that, but on your phone, You can perform many if not all of the same attacks as you could on Kali, some hardware might not be compatible however things like Wi-Fi chips can be changed with a compatible Wi-Fi dongle and an OTG cable.


But with Nethunter, you’ll be able to perform Man-In-The-Middle attacks, BadUSB and many more, give it a go.


Dress in style


As you can see from Aiden and Marcus, they’re not one for dressing down, it’s about stealth and mobility. You want to blend in public crowds easily and move quickly enough. What you don’t want is to stick out like a sore thumb, unless you’re into that, in which case, knock yourself out!

So figure out your style, is it just jeans and T-shirt? Or long jacket and scarf/face mask? There’s so many styles out there and you can even make one yourself, express who you are!

  • Do you want to be subtle and be able to blend in with ease? Go for that!
  • Do you want to go for wacky and wild? Go for that!
  • Do you just want to wear what you’re currently wearing? Go for that too!
  • Do you want to wear an Easter bunny outfit with a glitter hat? Go for that, I mean it’s the opposite of subtle but sure!


Knowing your stuff

You have all these tools, you may be able to work out how to use 10% of the potential, but maybe you want to learn more?

Playlists like this will give you a good bases to start off, but there’s so many tutorials online, just search YouTube.


Hack The Planet!

Now you’re ready! But remember, just because you think you can hack the planet, doesn’t mean you should!

As stated previously, you should always be aware of the laws in your country, as it’s pretty much understood that you shouldn’t hack or even attempt to hack what you don’t have permission for.

Watch_Dogs 2 Phone

Keep safe, Keep legal, Keep hacking

Zetascrub offline.